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Introducing the MMA

Stimulating . Connecting . Inspiring

The MMA provides a stimulating platform for teachers of music and music professionals, such as those involved in instrumental work, to engage in discussion on new music practice and educational policy.

Our members use the MMA to connect with other colleagues around the country and the world, keeping up-to-date on teaching methods and job opportunities.

The MMA is respected for its publications, including  Ensemble magazine, which inspires teachers with exclusive interviews and relevant resources. Our unique Music Awards Directory details music departments and   scholarships in the UK, and helps to connect parents with suitable schools. Both of these publications are free to our members.

Networking opportunities

Whether you are an experienced music professional or a newly qualified teacher, meeting like-minded musicians always serves to refresh and renew your passion. The MMA provides networking opportunities on many levels for you to connect with people who you would otherwise never meet. Our annual conference allows you to meet socially and discover new ways of working that will enhance your interpretation of the curriculum. Our popular and regular inset days around the country seek to refresh perspectives on specific topics and introduce you to new technologies and ideas.

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Email Sophie Kirk – Membership Secretary HERE

… for Instrumental Teachers

The MMA recognises the valuable role of instrumental teachers.

Instrumental teachers, who may work in a number of schools and in a variety of situations with a wide cross-section of abilities have a demanding role. Many instrumental teachers find the MMA invaluable for gaining personal support and advice, and connecting them with job opportunities in new areas, and at new schools. In 2010, we will be looking specifically at how we can further help instrumental teachers. We always welcome ideas and feedback as to how we may do this. This year we are offering a special discount for instrumental teachers who are self employed – see the application form.

… for Music Department Staff

Being part of a busy music department can be an uplifting and rewarding experience.

We are proud to see our classroom teachers and music administrators as the backbone of music departments in the UK, and celebrate their commitment to music education.  Through our magazine and regular inset days, the MMA supports music department staff and seeks to encourage and inspire them as they manage a busy workload every term. To further highlight our support, we offer Newly Qualified Teachers the first year of membership absolutely free.

… for Directors of Music

Professional development is an important resource that we take seriously.

Directors of Music provide the vision that results in amazing performances and productions in our schools year after year. Many former students, now enjoying music as a full-time career, remember the passionate support they were given by their Director of Music. Such a vitally important position needs regular inspiration and the MMA continues to strive to provide times for this to happen. Many current MMA members are Directors of Music who joined us when they first qualified as teachers.

Over the last year the MMA has sought to renew itself and ensure that it continues to offer the relevant support that its members need and deserve.  From September 2009 the association enters an exciting period of development that will see all of its publications rebranded, a new website and fresh thinking in the inset programme and annual conference. Now is a great time to connect with the largest association of music teachers in the country.

For all of us music is a passion and nowhere is that more
important than when it is taught. We want to continue igniting that
flame in the young people we teach, and we hope that you can join us.

Please use the links in the sidebar to download the membership brochure and A4 application.
Email Sophie Kirk – Membership Secretary HERE

Why you should join us this year…

As an instrumental teacher…

We recognise the valuable role of instrumental teachers in our schools. This year we are offering a special discount for instrumental teachers who are self employed.

As a newly qualified teacher…

Joining a busy music department in your first year can be overwhelming – count on us for support. We offer newly qualified teachers the first year of membership absolutely free.

As a corporate member…

In these changing times, it is comforting to know you can build strong relationships directly with customers who value your expertise. Corporate membership of the MMA provides multiple opportunities to connect with members and build your business. For more information contact Carol Hawkins.

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