Forums: A fantastic way to learn best practice from music teachers around the UK

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Forum Bringing schools together through music: best practice in independent/state sector partnerships.
Forum chaired by TOM ARBUTHNOTT / Session 3 – 9:30

Schools benefit from partnerships in many ways: in sharing what they do well, in learning from each other and in catalysing change within separate organisations. Musicians, pupils and teachers are often at the forefront of partnership initiatives. The ISC Schools Together website shows that there are lots of music projects going on between schools across both the independent and state sectors. Arguably, though, each is generated separately, and no spaces exist whereby the best projects can learn from each other. This panel will bring together some of the best of those music projects, and will seek to establish a framework for the effective impact assessment of cross-sector music projects. This panel will also launch a publication showcasing some of the best projects nationally, edited by Tom Arbuthnott (and Peter Hatch), which will be published by the Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning at Eton College, in association with the Schools Together Group.

Forum Music Administration in School Music Departments
Forum chaired by KEITH AYLING / Session 3 – 9:30

Keith Ayling is the MMA’s media manager and Senior Lecturer at Leeds College of Music. He is passionate about developing student creativity and is currently one of the UK’s most in-demand Songwriting Workshop leaders. He leads the annual INSET for school music administration and at conference will chair the Music Administration Forum – helping school music departments to work more efficiently.  @keithayling

Forum Managing a thriving music department on a small budget
Forum chaired by SIMON TOYNE / Session 4 – 11am

How can you build an outstanding music department on a small budget? This panel discussion, featuring a number of experienced state school Heads of Music, will offer practical tips on how to develop music in a school in a cost-effective manner, as well as exploring ways of generating revenue and attracting investment.

Forum Musicians as Senior Leaders: making the next step
Forum chaired by ANDREW HENDERSON / Session 4 – 11am

Musicians and senior leaders share some key skills and responsibilities. A large music department can have more staff than a small school, and the Head of Music has responsibilities not only towards them but also for shaping an important experience for all students, whether or not they are specialist musicians. In today’s panel, our guests – all musicians who have made the leap into senior leadership – will discuss motivations and strategies for doing so.

Forum Music in the changing Prep School landscape
Forum chaired by KATE DAVIES / Session 5 – 14:15

An open forum to discuss the impact of the changing Prep School landscape on Music, both in the curriculum and as an extra-curricular subject.  Delegates will be encouraged to share experiences in their own schools as well as looking at case studies from the panel.

Friday 18th May to Sunday 20th May, Eton College