Announcing the full 2018 Conference programme. For detailed session outlines please visit Speakers.

Friday 18th May

12:00 | Registration with Tea, Coffee & Trade Fair
12:30 | Buffet Lunch & Trade Fair
13:30 | Welcome, Headmaster Eton College
Tim Johnson Precentor & Director of Music
13:45 | Breakout Session 1
Session A Footsteps: Sing with Tenebrae
– Nigel Short & Tenebrae
Session B Mindful Movement – An introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education
– Anita Morrison
Session C Teaching harmony with style!
– Miranda Francis
Session D Musical Treasures of College Library (limited numbers = 25)
– Matthew O’Donovan
Session E Rockschool Music Production Syllabus: Meeting the Educational Demands of the 21st Century Music Industry
– Hannah V

14:45 | Tea, Coffee & Trade Fair
15:30 | Breakout Session 2
Session A The Tenebrae Effect with Nigel Short & Tenebrae
Session B Practical tips on using technology for teaching music and composition at KS3/4. (Limited numbers = 20)
– Nick Goetzee
Session C Performance Under Pressure – practical tips on managing stress and improving performance
– Edward Watson
Session D The Chorister and the Racing Car – Vocal health for children
Anita Morrison
Session E Change & Continuity with John Holmes (ABRSM)

16:30 | Tea, Cake & Trade Fair

17:15 | Keynote Address: Tony Little

18:30 | Concert & Presentation of Douglas Fox Prize
19:45 | Welcome Drinks hosted by the MMA Committee
20:30 | Supper, wine and entertainment

Saturday 19th May


9:00 | Tea, Coffee, Croissants & Trade Fair
9:30 | Breakout Session 3 
Session A Samba for Schools with Damien Manning
Session B Bringing schools together through music: best practice in independent/state sector partnerships
Chaired by Tom Arbuthnott
Session C
An exploration of music teaching and learning in the digital age
– Brad Cohen & Kathryn Knight (Tido)
Session D ‘The Big Sing’ with Catherine Beddison
Session E Music Administration Forum: discovering the latest developments for efficient music departments
– with Keith Ayling

10:30 | Tea, Coffee & Trade Fair
11:00 | Breakout Session 4
Session A Approaching GCSE and A-level Composition with Dr Steven Berryman
Session B Forum: Managing a thriving music department on a small budget
– Chaired by Simon Toyne
Session C VMT Observations – the two way process to improved musical learning
– Ian Rowe
Session D The new A level Music Technology – Who is it for? Have I the equipment and skills to offer the course? (Limited numbers = 20)
– Nick Goetzee
Session E Musicians as Senior Leaders: making the next step – Chaired by Andrew Henderson

12:00 | Keynote Speaker: Will Gompertz
followed by the AGM at 12:45

13:15 | Lunch & Trade Fair
14:15 | Breakout Session 5
Session A Forum: Music in the changing Prep School landscape – Chaired by Kate Davies
Session B Designated Survivor: stepping up to Head of Department with Tim Garrard & Scott Price
Session C VMT Observations, the two way process to improved musical learning – Ian Rowe
Session D Composing for film; beyond the ‘just get on with it’ approach. (Limited numbers = 20)
– Aidan Goetzee
Session E Rhinegold Education Online Music Classroom: Same teaching; less paper – Richard Payne

15:15 | Tea, Coffee & Trade Fair
15:45 | Delegates depart to dress for dinner

17:30 | Delegates’ Choir Practice
18:00 | Evensong
18:45 for 19:00 | Coaches depart for Dorney Lake
19:20 | Drinks reception at Dorney Lake with jazz
20:00 | MMA Conference (Black Tie) Dinner at Dorney Lake with INCOGS
sponsored by ACFEA – including speaker, toasts and surprise finale
23:00 | Coaches collect from Dorney Lake

Sunday 20th May

9:30 | Tea, Coffee, Croissants & Trade Fair

10:30 | Masterclass with Joanna MacGregor

11:30 | Brunch plus Trade Fair Prize Draw