The MMA Committee is voted for by members every January as places become available. Committee members take a position for three years and can be re-elected for a second term.

Meeting three times a year, the committee oversees the running of the association and ensures representation of members’ interests as well as consideration for development in to under represented areas.

The Officers of the MMA include the President, Past-president, President-elect, secretary and treasurer and oversee the strategy and direction of the MMA. These positions are also elected for a three year period. The head of operations is currently co-opted.

There are currently three members of staff employed by the MMA.

Keith Ayling
Media & Publications Manager

Carol Hawkins
Conference Administrator

Sophie Kirk
Administration, Membership & Finance

If you are interested in contributing to the life of the association either as a committee member or on a working party please speak to a member of the committee or the current president.


Simon Williamson

Wellington College

Simon Toyne
President Elect

David Ross Education Trust

John Padley
Past President

Queen Anne’s School, Caversham

Sandy Chenery
Honorary Secretary
& Operations Manager

Stewart’s Melville College

Scott Price
Honorary Treasurer

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School


Keith Ayling MMA

Keith Ayling
Media & Publications Manager

media (at)

Carol Hawkins
Conference Administrator

conference (at)

Sophie Kirk
Administration, Membership & Finance

membership (at)


George Bevan
Director of Music, Monkton Combe School

Tansy Castledine
Co-opted / Deputy Head Academic, Wisbech Grammar School

Kate Davies
INSET Coordinator / Director of Music, Edgeborough School

I have worked as a Director of Music in Prep Schools for 22 years and taught in the comprehensive system before this.  I am passionate about the value of music education and firmly believe that every child has a right to a stimulating and worthwhile music education.

Andrew Henderson
Director of Music, King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Particularly interested in developing high-quality choral provision in schools and fostering an environment where participation in musical activity is seen as the norm. Increasing the quality of learning about composition is also a focus for Andrew’s work both in school and with the MMA.

Tim Johnson
Precentor & Director of Music, Eton College

As well as managing the department, his main responsibilities at Eton include directing the Symphony Orchestra and College Chapel Choir. Tim is also a director of the Eton Choral Courses.

Isla Keys
VMT, Nottingham

30 years’ experience of teaching singing, in addition to class music from Reception to A Level in both independent and state schools. Isla now directs 2 choirs at Nottingham Girls’ High School. She also coaches choral scholars at St.Mary’s Church where she serves on the Concerts Committee, and is a Committee member for Nottingham Young Musician of the Year.

Helena McKillop
Director of Music, The Peterborough School

Caitlin Sherring
Music/Visual/Performing Arts Lead at Woodcroft Primary School

• Primary Music Education, Woodwind and Choral Specialist
• Particularly interested in utilising the arts as a stimulus for all curriculum areas and supporting whole-school development

Past Presidents
& Conference Venues

(incoming President at Conference venue)

Rev. S.J. Rowton 1903
W.S. Bambridge 1904
Paul David 1905
Percy C. Buck 1906
E.T. Sweeting 1907
Basil Johnson 1908
H.A. Harding 1909
E.D. Rendall 1910
Richard R.Terry 1911
H.L. Balfour 1912
J.T. Bavin 1913
C.H. Lloyd 1914
S. Pile 1915
A.H. Peppin 1916
H. Riding 1917
C.M. Spurling 1918
Percy A. Scholes 1919
E.G. Croager 1920 Eton
A. Rawlinson-Wood 1921-22
R. Sterndale Bennett 1923
R.O. Beachcroft 1924 Marlborough
Frank H. Shera 1925
Rev. J.B. McElligott 1926
J.W. Ivimey 1927
Reginald Thatcher 1928 Wellington
A. Forbes Milne 1929 Christ’s Hospital
C.B. Allen 1930 Berkhamsted

Douglas G.A. Fox 1931 Eton
Walter Stanton 1932 Tonbridge
C.S. Lang 1933 Malvern
Henry M. Havergal 1934 Harrow
J.A. Davison 1935 Denstone
Henry G. Ley 1936 Clifton
M. Allen 1937 Wellington
H.S. Denton 1938 Marlborough
T.P. Fielden 1939-45 Charterhouse
J.A. Tatam 1946 Radley
B. Chanter 1947 Tonbridge
B.D. Hylton Stewart 1948 Worksop
A.W. Bunney 1949 Winchester
Leonard Blake 1950 Rugby
John W. Wilson 1951 Oundle
John H. Alden 1952 Malvern
W. Probert-Jones 1953 Clifton
Douglas G.A. Fox 1954 Marlborough
C.H. Cowan 1955 Wellington
Hector J. McCurrach 1956 Repton
Frederic Waine 1957 Charterhouse
Willis Grant 1958 Sherborne
A.R.H. Pease 1959 Cheltenham
W.G. Hook 1960 Bryanston
Paul B. Rogers 1961 Brentwood
E.P. Brice 1962 Malvern
R.B. Ferry 1963 Bradfield
Robin B. Miller 1964 Sedbergh
D.A.H. Youngman 1965 Oundle
K.F. MalcoImson 1966 Christ’s Hospital
J.G. Armstrong 1967 Shrewsbury
E.J. Amos 1969 Rugby
M.J. McKelvey 1969 Radley
William LIewellyn 1970 Winchester
Kenneth Naylor 1971 Dulwich
James Peschek 1972 Bedales
Donald Paine 1973 Harrow
Alan Morgan 1974 Tonbridge

Graham Smallbone 1975 Edinburgh
William Agnew 1976 Marlborough
John Cullen 1977 Eton
Roy Wilkinson 1978 Solihull
Jean Carrington 1979 Wells Cathedral
Neil Page 1980 Sherborne
DavidTurnbull 1981 Malvern
Angus Watson 1982 Aldenham
Alan Vening 1983 Chetham’s
William Llewellyn 1984 Lancing
Augusta Miller 1985 Winchester
Anthony Gould 1986 Cheltenham Ladies’
Michael Spencer 1987 Shrewsbury
AlanTaylor 1988 Bedford
Keith Pusey 1989 Bolton
Colin Edmundson 1990 Dulwich College Prep
Jonathan Willcocks 1991 Christ’s Hospital
Peter Allwood 1992 Uppingham
Jonathan Varcoe 1993 Wells Cathedral
John Holloway 1994 Radley & St Helen’s
Robert Gower 1995 St Leonard’s
Andrew Morris 1996 Charterhouse
Hilary Brooks 1997 Manchester Grammar
Graham Griggs 1998 Bryanston
Marilyn Cleobury-Jones 1999 Clifton
Ralph Allwood 2000 Eton
Christopher Tinker 2001 Stowe
John Heritage 2002 Aiglon, Switzerland
Colin Dowdeswell 2003 King’s, Ely
David Bunkell 2004 St George’s, Edinburgh
Geraldine Wills 2005 Oundle
Ian Sutcliffe 2006 Dulwich
Bruce Grindlay 2007 Bedford
Howard Ionascu 2008 Sherborne Schools
Lee Ward 2009 Shrewsbury School
Andrew Forbes 2010 Brighton College
Andrew Cleary 2011 King’s College School & St John’s College School, Cambridge
Scott Price 2012 Rugby School

Sandy Chenery 2013 St Edmund’s School
Simon Kirk 2014 St George’s College
Tansy Castledine 2015 Wellington College
John Padley 2016 Ripley St Thomas CE Academy
Simon Williamson 2017 Wells Cathedral School