The MMA Music Directory is the comprehensive guide to outstanding music departments across the UK. Now in its twenty third edition the Directory is the only publication to detail music departments in full and be distributed to thousands of parents nationwide.

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  • Schools grouped regionally
  • Facilities, Activities, Staff and Fees
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Sizes and Results
  • Full contact details for both school and music department

The MMA also publishes a list of schools participating in the 13+ code of practice. For a list, click here.

Through the MMA Music Directory we seek to connect excellent music departments with parents who are looking for the best musical opportunities for their children.

The Directory is a premium publication with detailed listings as well as useful articles for parents from prominent members of the music education field. It is designed as a tool for parents to locate and choose the schools most applicable for their child. Each school may have a different musical emphasis or size of department, and such factors as well as many others can effect a parent’s choice of school. The guide seeks to provide the alternatives in a clear and non-competitive way, with staff details, facilities, areas of specialism and concentration, size and fees.

The book is used by thousands of parents as well as those directly working in the field of music education to gain a clear picture of what is on offer. The MMA receives feedback from students, parents and teachers as to how the Directory has served as a guide in their choice and a tool during the entrance examination process.

Schools are arranged geographically to make browsing easier, depending on your location, with clearly tabbed, colour-coded sections.

The Music Department Directory now distributes 7000 copies nationwide. ABRSM and Trinity College – the UK’s two main exam boards make sure that all of their examiners, representatives and exam centres have a copy. All of the junior departments of the 9 conservatoires distribute copies and all of the major orchestral and choir organisations also distribute thousands of copies to their auditionees and participants.

If your school would like to be included in the next Directory please email Keith Ayling for an application form: media (at)

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• The MMA recommends that 13+ Music Scholarships take place in the fifth week of January each year •